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20 Mar 2020

5 Wearable Makeup Looks Inspired by History

Looking for some editorial makeup ideas or just want to turn heads when you're out on the town? Check out our list of 5 wearable makeup looks inspired by History. 

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28 Feb 2020

The 10+ Step Korean Skincare Routine—Worth the Hype? Part 1: Overview

While browsing the internet or walking into your local Ulta, you’ve probably noticed products or signs catering to one of the hottest trends in the beauty industry: K-beauty. Between all the[...]

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17 Feb 2020

20 Makeup Quotes to Inspire Your Week

It's too early or too late to look for inspiration! Need to give your actor a piece of your mind? Maybe your model needs to hear some words of inspiration? Or it could be you that needs to go[...]

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14 Feb 2020

How to Photograph Your Makeup: Editing

Our discussion of 'How to Photograph Your Makeup' continues today with editing. But don't miss our notes on Lighting and Composition

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13 Feb 2020

Oscars Afterparty 2020 Makeup Looks

Everyone loves the Oscars. It’s all about the glamour and glitz. Once the awards are given and speeches recited, it’s still not time to relax! That's when the after-parties begin!

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24 Jan 2020

Oscars Makeup Nominations and Predictions

The Oscar nominations for makeup this year are diverse and create a wide range of choices for judges. What determines the winner this year could certainly be conceptual, or how the judges consider[...]

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17 Jan 2020

The Story of Mario Dedivanovic

Here at Multimedia Makeup Academy, we strive to give aspiring makeup artists the tools they need to have a successful career. Makeup is an expansive industry and stepping into it can be[...]

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31 Dec 2019

What Makeup Styles are Trending in 2020?

The year 2020 is seeing a rebirth of makeup trends. And understandably so, as we are entering a new decade. The new makeup trends play with the contrast of the natural and unusual to create fun[...]

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20 Jun 2019

Ask Me Anything: Olivia Woodworth

After another helpful, informative  Virtual Open House, Multimedia Makeup Academy is proud to present our latest student interview in our segment titled "Ask Me Anything"!

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14 May 2019

Your Best work: Nicole Diehl's Work on Betrayed

Multimedia Makeup Academy would like to introduce their new YouTube series: Your Best Work. In this series, MMA will highlight the best work of its Alumni, Students, and Instructors! With host[...]

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