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25 Jan 2019

Five (Very REAL) Reasons Bridal Makeup and Airbrush is a Happy Marriage

There are a wealth of articles on the web about traditional vs. airbrush foundations, which is best, and what are the differences between the two. Today, we'll revisit all of those things, but[...]

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29 May 2018

7 Reasons Clients Aren't Booking You (And What To Do About It)

No matter the area of makeup in which you choose to work, there is always going to be the process of selection -- a determining of your worth and competency for the job. It is easy to point to[...]

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16 Jan 2018

Slow Season Survival: Tax Prep for Creatives

It's January and that means we are all the majority of us are pouring through our inboxes for electronic shipping confirmations, fishing through our coat pockets for orphaned receipts, and, in[...]

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