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24 Jan 2020

How to Photograph Your Makeup Work: Lighting

Photography is the best way to document your work as a makeup artist. This may seem silly or obvious, but it’s not uncommon for MUAs to have a lack of good photos. High-quality examples of your[...]

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24 Jan 2020

Oscars Makeup Nominations and Predictions

The Oscar nominations for makeup this year are diverse and create a wide range of choices for judges. What determines the winner this year could certainly be conceptual, or how the judges consider[...]

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17 Jan 2020

The Story of Mario Dedivanovic

Here at Multimedia Makeup Academy, we strive to give aspiring makeup artists the tools they need to have a successful career. Makeup is an expansive industry and stepping into it can be[...]

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10 Jan 2020

The 4 Celebrity Makeup Artists Leading the Way into 2020

Mario Dedivanovic


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03 Jan 2020

Trades Over University

The transition between high school and college can be a tough one. The headache of standardized tests, incompetent advisers, and application fees can be draining. Fortunately, if this is too[...]

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02 Jan 2020

How YouTube and Social Media Changed the Game Over the Decade

Social Media and makeup. Today, these two terms are almost inseparable. And why not? During the early 2000s online platforms slowly grew to importance and countless businesses, industries, and[...]

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31 Dec 2019

What Makeup Styles are Trending in 2020?

The year 2020 is seeing a rebirth of makeup trends. And understandably so, as we are entering a new decade. The new makeup trends play with the contrast of the natural and unusual to create fun[...]

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04 Oct 2019

Five Ways Trade Schools Make Life Easier

It's no secret that the tides are changing! Finding a faster way into your career that make life easier to manage is the way of the future. 

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10 Aug 2019

Wrestling with What to do with your life?

The toughest decision you're going to make in your life is what you're going to do with it. I'm not only talking about a career here. I'm talking about the person you're going to be, the friends[...]

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20 Jun 2019

Ask Me Anything: Olivia Woodworth

After another helpful, informative  Virtual Open House, Multimedia Makeup Academy is proud to present our latest student interview in our segment titled "Ask Me Anything"!

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