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12 Dec 2017

30 Beauty Gifts Under $25!

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Trying to fill your beauty-lover's stocking without breaking the bank?  Did you get Linda, the office crazy cat lady, for Secret Santa?  Got a fifteen-year-old cousin who lives for the[...]

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05 Dec 2017

Slow Season Survival:  9 Ways to Survive the Off Season Without Eating Ramen

Right around mid-November, a lot of makeup artists see their bookings slow down considerably and the phone and email get super quiet.  You may think to yourself, "Omg, what is going on?  Was it[...]

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28 Nov 2017

Paying It Forward: Using Your Powers for Good!

Having a specialized skill such as makeup, nails, hair styling, or skincare, broadens your options when it comes to donating your time.  There are hundreds of thousands of charitable organizations[...]

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21 Nov 2017

Slow Season Survival: [Infographic] Building Your Portfolio

Confused about how to select images for your portfolio or how to arrange them once selected? Check out MMA's infographic and guide to building your resume along with some tips that may help you[...]

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14 Nov 2017


Have you ever received a “thank you,” that made you feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy and you had to tell people that you were having an allergy attack so they wouldn't know you got all teary? 


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07 Nov 2017

Slow Season Survival: 11 Things to Make Your Downtime Productive vs Panicky

It's November and for a lot of artists, especially those who focus on private clients and weddings, this is the month where business begins to wind down.  By January, your calendar is wide open[...]

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