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30 Jan 2018

2018 Grammy Awards Recap

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The 2018 Grammy Awards just rolled through this weekend and here are the best makeup looks from the Red Carpet!

Did you watch the Grammys this year?  Just like the recent Golden Globes, if you didn't catch the award show, you must at least check out the red carpet images and notable beauty looks to stay up on your references!  Didn't have time?  No problem!  We gotchu!


Camila Cabello:  Makeup by Allan Avendaño

Image:  Getty Images

Eve:  Makeup By Ernesto Casillas

Image:  Getty Images

Rita Ora:  Makeup By Kathy Jeung

Image:  Getty Images

Janelle Monae:  Makeup By Jessica Smalls

Image:  Getty Images

SZA:  Makeup By Samuel Paul

Image:  Getty Images

Hailee Steinfield:  Makeup By Mary Phillips 

Image:  Getty Images

Lady Gaga:  Makeup By Sarah Tanno

Image:  Getty Images

Which one was your favorite?  Let us know in the comments!

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